Tuesday, February 22, 2011

First visit to the obstetric doctor

The fist visit to the obstetric doctor is often scary. But this is one of the times when visiting the doctor does not mean you are sick. Here is what to expect on your first visit to the doctor. He will first begin by asking a series of questions known as history.


Gestation (previous pregnancy)
Parity (previous child birth)

Present Pregnancy
Last Menstrual Period (LMP) :
- was it regular
- Any recent use of Oral Contraceptive (OCP)
Calculated Estimated Delivery date (EDD):
- Add 1 year and 7 days and subtract 3 months (Nagle's rule)
- Use an obstetric wheel

Complication of pregnancy
Any bleeding
Anemia or thalessemia
Urine infection

Past Obstetric History
Mode of delivery
Gestation age
Birthweight and sex
Any complications
Any infection
Any gynaecological history

Physical Examinations
Height and weight
Oedema/swelling of the ankle
Any pallor/anemia
Blood pressure
Cardiovascular examination
Abdominal examination
- Uterus palpable at 12-14 weeks
- Fundus (top of uterus felt) at umbilical at 20 weeks
- Any scars
- Any Linear Nigra
- Lie and presentation
- Fetal movement
Doppler Ultrasound: to listen to fetal heart beat

That is summary is the first visit to the doctor

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